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Flight Follower

  • Job Tracking ID: 512546-649961
  • Job Location: Ypsilanti , MI
  • Job Level: Any
  • Level of Education: Any
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: September 19, 2018
  • Years of Experience: Any
  • Starting Date: ASAP

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Job Description:

The Flight Follower acts as an agent for the Director of Operations and ascertains that each flight under his or her direction is released in accordance with instructions contained in the GMM.   The secondary function of the Flight Follower is to convey the customers needs, and act as coordinator between Maintenance Control, Crew Scheduling and Flight Crews.  The Flight Follower’s primary responsibility is to the Safety of Flight.  Additional duties and responsibilities of the Flight Follower include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Ensures all flights are operated safely and in compliance with Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), General Operations Manual, Flight Operations Manual, Flight Following Manual, and other Federal, State and corporate directives and policy letters as applicable.

2. Coordinates with Maintenance Control to ensure the aircraft status will permit the intended operation to be conducted safely and in accordance with applicable directives at the scheduled departure time.

3. Coordinates with crew scheduling to ascertain the crew legality status with regards to flight time and duty limitations.

4. Obtain international over fly and landing permits as well as completing all TSA and Customs requirements such as: Customs notification, Gen Dec, e-APIS, and/or CANPASS.

5. For the departure, destination and each alternate airport:

     A. Determine airport status for each airport at the ETA considering factors such as curfews, PPR’s, TFR’s, runway and approach aid availability.

     B. Review and apply aircraft performance data (Runway Analysis), including penalties for weather phenomena and deferred maintenance items.

     C. Ensures that all ground handling/services, parking, deicing, fuel, and landing/departure slots are in order as required.

6. Assembles and interpret text weather, graphic charts and NOTAMs from approved sources.

7. Generates computerized flight plan and release setting forth the conditions under which the flight may be conducted applying restrictions to route of flight, flight level, MTOW, MLW, fuel load etc. as necessary.

8. Determine enroute requirements considering such issues as Drift-Down and ETP’s when required.

9. Identifies, anticipates, and takes corrective action to minimize actual/potential delays due to weather, scheduling, operations, crew legality and maintenance problems.

10. Provide Flight Crew with a comprehensive briefing of planned flight and make any revisions deemed necessary by Pilot in Command.

11. Disseminates flight release and related documentation to the appropriate aircrews within established time limits.

12. Monitor the progress of the flight, weather conditions, destination and alternate airport status and ascertain when deviations from planned flight are necessary. If a deviation is required, initiate contact with aircraft via phone patch, SAT phone or ATC for the purpose of amended release procedures.

13.       For horse charter operations, or as requested by customer, contact next station with ETA.

14. Advises the Director of Operations or his/her designee of potential/actual delays or problems as soon as they are identified, and what action has been taken, or is recommended to correct or minimize the delay or problem.

15. Reports mechanical delays or conditions affecting safety of flight to appropriate personnel (i.e. Director of Operations, Maintenance Control, Chief Pilot, etc.).

16. On completion of each flight leg enter the out and in times, fuel, payload and other available information into MISA. On completion of entire trip, enter all log page information.

17. Maintains an electronic log in FODES of all pertinent events, which occur on his/her shift.

18. Provide in FODES a detailed shift report to the next Flight Follower and scheduler coming on duty.  Refer to the turnover procedure in this section for more information.

19. Revise all company manuals, NOS, Jeppesen Manuals, JeppView and runway analysis as necessary.

20. Complies with all applicable federal and state health and safety regulations.

21. Performs other related duties when requested by employees authorized to issue directives in the exercise of their position.

Experience and Skills:

Candidates must be a licensed Aircraft Dispatcher and able to work any assigned shift, including nights, weekends and holidays.


Job Benefits:

BCBSM PPO Medical, Vision, and Dental

Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Voluntary Life Insurance

Flexible Spending

Paid Vacation

Fidelity - 401K